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The Art of Words is the result of a collaboration between Western New York writers and artists, where works of art were inspired by the written word.  

We are pleased to bring this digital version of the Art of Words to you!  This webpage reproduces an exhibition combining poetry and art, displayed side-by-side, at expo68 gallery in May 2019.  The show was originally conceived by Carl William Thiel and Wendy Caldwell Maloney and curated by gallery owner Tim Brooks. Special thanks to Jamie Elizabeth Metzgar for extending the life of this exhibit online!

In The Art of Words, you will discover the powerful imagery and intimate emotion of the written word in partnership with the visual language of art.

Poems and art on this website are displayed in pairs, thereby providing an opportunity to experience the original source of inspiration and its graphic expression.  (For a brief video of the exhibit, click here to visit the Gallery.)



“When any creative work brings about a dialogue between artist and audience, even if unspoken, it succeeds.” - Carl William Thiel

"The poems helped me understand the art, the art helped me understand the poems." - an anonymous attendee of the original 2019 exhibit

We sincerely hope you enjoy the experience and welcome your feedback and responses. 

For optimal viewing, this exhibit is best experienced on a desktop or a tablet.

Please click on each contributor's name to experience The Art of Words.

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