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We all connected, mob mentality, organized like family, one... mob for justice

To hang up our differences to die by asphyxiation ... weed the seeds of the racial tension straining the past...

I beg for truth... cuz some of y’all remember the bitter aftertaste of strange fruit

But it must be that global warming as the climate for hate is growing a crop beyond the borders of race.

The present crisis... Taliban and Isis while the priest demonstrates on his lawn by burning Qurans so bring a torch and set fire to this night...

The only veil we need to remove is the one from our sight under the hood of

self-preservation we romanticize violence to pacify inequalities

When what we fail to see is... if any of us wearing shackles, ain’t none of us free...

Left, Right, Sunni, Shia, Christian, Islam, Protestants battle Catholics in Ireland. African

rebels attack and are met with resistance...

But from a great distance it’s so hard to tell the difference... We lost in the details, not for no reason the very place they say the devil dwells

As freedom of choice falls into the wrong hands... by our actions let’s give it a different voice Cuz what we do today impacts tomorrow...

It take more muscles to frown than it do to smile... So together let’s turn this thing around

we can build a brighter future or easily tear it down

Under the hood of self-defense we romanticize a better world in which each nation builds a bigger fence

When what we fail to see is if any of us are prisoners, ain’t none of us free.


   I live for them that gone them that God called home. Them that can’t afford to

light they stove or heat they home.

   I live for the repressed them that can’t lift the burden from they chest. Them

that gave blood and sweat yet for all they gave regret is all that’s left.

   I live for them that gone them who will never come home. Them caught in civil

war but can’t afford to leave they home.

   I live for the abused who suffered from they youth into adulthood for failure to

find any other use.

   I live for an uncle who’s in jail. My moms whose liver failed. My pops who’s

getting up there in age and think that we can’t tell.

   I live for world peace, ‘cuz it starts at home... What peace can we bring the

middle east if we haven’t brought it to our own.

   I live like... I’m free, ‘cuz that’s what America was supposed to be created for

the equal to pursue life and liberty.

   I live for my family to see my life just to remind them that this right here is

grace so get it right...


"Grateful" by Tim Brooks. Digital. 

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