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To the right the sun.

To the left the moon.

a thousand islands of dirt

nestle among a thousand

more islands of ice.

Two thousand islands

covered with snow
and the tracks of animals

who have only disdain
for creatures that need rely

on iron bridges.

pg12 night bridge crossing.jpg

“Night Bridge Crossing” by Jennifer Dowdell. Mixed media.

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“Becoming other is a very practical endeavor.”

-- Jake Nabasny

Becoming a dolphin he reveled in thoughts

freed from opposable thumbs.

Becoming a blank page he felt history written upon him.


Becoming a priest he understood shepherds.

Becoming an astronaut he saw the world below

as a grain of sand on a black beach
siphoning the sun’s heat in hopes of becoming

reflective glass.

Becoming a house parrot he meditated through boredom

& flight without horizons.

Becoming a movie projector he provided uniform dreams.


Becoming a nun she gave and then gave more.

Becoming an emperor he wept that he could trust no one,

including himself.

Becoming a shark he knew simplicity.

Becoming a weather balloon he rose to view nature without


Becoming Buddhist he accepted.

Becoming a slave he pitied his master.

Becoming a whipped dog he pitied his master and himself.

Becoming a scholar he suffered the incompleteness of knowledge.


Becoming a refugee he knew connection.

Becoming a caged gorilla he sublimated anger

crushing logs and toys into sticks.

Becoming an actor the masks of life covered him in succession

channeling his tribes.

Becoming a child again he regained myth.

Becoming an elephant he lumbered with sadness

at approaching extinction.

Becoming a conformist he disappeared...


“Adumbration” by Wendy Caldwell Maloney. Watercolor.

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On the second floor promenade
of the Dreamer’s Mall
flat against the wall between stores sits one of those tall boxy machines you climb into and then pose
on a hard wooden bench to get your picture taken.

Inside, a vertical row of buttons lets you choose what pose to snap.

Here & Now is a favorite, as is

How I Remember Me.

People learn fast not to push

What I Could Have Been.

There’s not much call for
How I Am Remembered, either;

but What I Wanted to Be still gets pushed a lot.

And How I Remember You
does the very best business.

Sloan in Blue.png

"Sloan in Blue" by Tim Brooks. Digital.

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